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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birthday Girl

Last week, Sophia turned four.  So far I've managed to avoid ever having a birthday party for any of my children.  In about twenty or thirty years, they can blame all of their problems on never having birthday parties.  I'm getting softer in my old age, however, because this year I considered having one.  Brandon shot me down.  So kids, blame your father.

Instead we met up with some friends at the pool.  There is no pool maintained by the employee association here, and the ambassador's pool isn't open yet (and when it is, is subject to very strict pool rules that don't work well for anyone who has small children).  But recently a friend found a hotel pool that is nice and sells memberships by the month.

So for Sophia's birthday, we met at the hotel and went swimming in the newly-filled outdoor pool.  I came with four children, one of my friends came with three, and the third came with two.  There were a few people (I think associated with Eurovision) sitting at the restaurant surrounding the pool, but by the time we were through everyone had left.  There's nobody like Mormons to spoil the atmosphere.

I made her cake that afternoon, and we all had Eggs Benedict for dinner - Sophia's choice.  We followed with Strawberry Cream cake, and then everyone's arteries sealed closed.

Sophia, however, was more interested in her presents than the cake, but this year managed to actually eat some of the cake, which is a first this year.

We finished up the evening with a movie, and sent Sophia to bed with almost all of her presents tucked in with her.  Happy Birthday, Sophia!  We wouldn't be the same without you!


Just US said...

She is a doll! Happy birthday Sophia! PS - when you wonder about your youth and no birthday parties, you can ask my kids all about their torturing, I mean their youth too. They seem to think they absolutely need birthday parties too but as their mean mom, I don't agree.

UnkaDave said...

What a beautiful cake, and a beautiful girl. Thanks for posting them. Kiss the Birthday Girl for me.

PaulaJean said...

Happy Birthday, Sophia!

dixonfamily said...

Happy Birthday Sophia!!! We are excited to see all of you soon!! The cake looks fabulous!