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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Emails from Kathleen

These are all written by Kathleen with no editing (or help) from me.

Dear Grandpa, how are you?Thanks very much for the letter it was very funny and\ or kind. Anyway,there was this ensign that had  the picture of Christ on the cross,and I really liked it.It had him nailed and blood coming out where he was nailed.
It was really interesting .And I loved it.
With Love,
P.S. How are you guys and I hope you are treating Grandma well.

Dear Grammy, Happy Mother's Day! I love you. Guess what?Sophia's  Birthday is just next week! it's on Friday!So I'm going to buy her what ever I can get.So don't tell Sophia I talked to you and by the way, I actually meant don't send her a letter telling her I talked to you.

P.S.I messed up.

Dear Aunt Kathleen, how are you and the kitties? I am very sad that Andy got a tooth pulled, but at least all's well that ends well. Anyway guess what?  today's Friday which means that Sophia's birthday is a little bit closer! But tomorrow we're going to have some fun on Satrday so at least that is good.
P.S. today we scrubbed the deck.

dear Aunt Kathleen, I love you. How are you and the kitties? I think the bed moles joke was pretty funny. I am doing fine in Baku. Anyway thank you again for the beautiful scarf that you made for George. Hear's something bad that happened to me, I twisted my ankle, it hurt to high heavens! and Daddy checked it out,for me and he said it was all right though. Love, Kathleen p.s it hurt when I went to bed.

dear Aunt   Kathleen, thank you so much for the very nice letter, by the way, my ankle"s feeling better, much better!  Anyway, today Joseph spit up a lot. It was so gross! Mommy said thank you so much Kathleen! When I got her a spit up rag. I love you, I  think I may be writing to you  all quiet time , so I think I have to go  now. Love, Kathleen

Dear Aunt Kathleen,how are you? Anyway, I think that it is pretty funny that the squirrel thought that himself was a cat.(Ha, ha, ha.) So anyway, I got a scrape on one of our toy chairs. it really hurt! guess what? today it is purple-and-red Mommy said that means it's healing.

Dear Daddy,hi.How are you?Are you doing well? I love you. I hope you don't have much work.I hope you are happy.I think you are very sweet. And I'm glad that you're my dad.You are very kind to me and my siblings which I thank you for.By the way, I have a cold and a cough which irritates me. With Love, your dearest daughter.


PaulaJean said...

Very nice emails, Kathleen! Grandma is very proud of you!!

Melodie said...

Adorable, precocious, delightful.

Sarah Flib said...

These are fabulous!! I can't believe she can really write like this (but I can). I have unfortunately edited millions of things from people much, much older than Kathleen that are not nearly to this level. Plus she is hilarious to boot.

UnkaDave said...

Nice! I'm expecting a blog to branch out from this one any time now, authored by Miss Kathleen.

Nomads By Nature said...