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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sounds Delightful, Doesn't It?

All Eligible Family Members are cordially invited to the Chancery Garden on Wednesday, June 6, at 14:55 to meet and greet the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.  Please be aware that the Secretary is scheduled to arrive at 15:55.   Please do not bring in large bags or backpacks.  Make sure that you have your Embassy badge, or you will not be allowed to enter. We request that everyone stay in the garden, and when the Secretary is on the compound, we all need to stay off the sidewalks.  It may be quite warm, so we suggest you bring some drinking water with you.  As the Secretary usually poses with groups of children, we will have an area for your children to stand.  Unless your child is under 2, you should not expect to stand with that group.  The Secretary does not pose with any others, however, so please don’t ask.  You can bring your own cameras, but, again, please don’t ask the Secretary to pose.  We also ask you not to approach the Secretary or the motorcade. 

Once the Secretary has gone into the Chancery, we must vacate the Embassy grounds immediately and in an orderly and quiet manner, as she will be conducting a meeting in the Chancery.  Only those who are authorized back into the Chancery will be allowed back in.  Please make sure to have your belongings with you before the Meet and Greet.  You will be able to place them in the Consular Section if you need.  You may also use the restrooms there only.

Please be aware that there may be restrictions on parking and traffic, so we suggest carpooling and/or taxis.  Do not plan to park in the Embassy compound.  There will be limited parking for red-plated vehicles in an area next to the blue barrels in front of the Embassy on Azadliq.  There will be no more parking there after 14:45. 

Please make every effort to attend as this is a wonderful opportunity for our post. 

Um... Pass.  Please.

Maybe next time... when the children are grown up... in about fifteen years.


UnkaDave said...

Oh, great! I had send a package with Hillary for you guys. Now what do I do? Maybe she'll catch a cab and bring it to your place. Great....

PaulaJean said...

Sounds as much fun as being in a monster traffic jam with a child that needs to go to the bathroom. Or Ralphie and his brother waiting to see Santa. Or going to dinner at a high-end restaurant with any child under 12. Or a trans-Atlantic flight in the middle of coach.

Bridget said...

Hmm, hot temperatures, scarce parking, children under 2...sounds like a blast!