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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Edwin's Third Birthday

Saturday was Edwin's third birthday.  Since we don't have birthday parties, we try and do something fun for the birthday child to make it an exciting day.  And the more children we have, the more fun days we have, so everyone wins.  For Sophia's birthday this year, we went swimming with friends, Kathleen took us on a trip to Amazing Caverns, and Joseph took us to the park.

For Edwin's birthday we went to Zoom Zoom, a Discovery Zone-style play place complete with ball pits and tacky-weird pictures.  Edwin and his siblings had a wonderful time getting lost and jumping into pits and sliding down slides.  Brandon and I enjoyed not being outside in the thirty-eight degree and cloudy weather.

After a long nap, we had dinner, watched A Christmas Story (sorry Edwin, but that's what you get for being born ten days before Christmas), and then had raspberry chocolate cake for dessert.  Edwin picked out the raspberries and refused to eat them.  He finished with presents - a book, a car from Grammy and Grandpa, and a United Airlines airport set, all of which went to bed with him.  

Happy Birthday, Edwin!  We're happy you're part of our family!


PaulaJean said...

Happy Birthday Edwin!! Great pictures.

sarahflib said...

I simply love Edwin's cheeks. So cute. And three already!

UnkaDave said...

Great pictures! Thanks for blogging. I love Brandon's expression in the last picture. I think it is a good thing to have the occasional special occasion.

UnkaDave said...

P.S. Good luck with Sophia in the coming years...