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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Road Construction... continued... still...

So, back in June, backhoes started digging a large ditch on the road outside my neighborhood.  After a month(s?), it got filled in.  The next day they started digging a new one.  When coming back from our beach trip, we actually had to drive under the arm of a backhoe as it paused while digging the trench.  It was a pretty tight fit.

A few months went by, the trench was filled in, the road became drive-able, although not paved, it started functioning as a road again, and one day I left to take Brandon to work and came back to find the road blocked off.  I parked in the other side of our neighborhood while the road was finally paved - four months after the digging started.

I enjoyed the freedom of finally driving on the road in front of my house - for about a week.  Then the road was shut down again so that the section preceding ours could be paved to join up with our section.  And on a momentous day in November, the entire road was open, the whole thing from beginning to end, all paved and edged by shiny granite curbs and watched over by curving ornamented black-and-gold light posts.  It looked lovely.  It even had stripes that drivers occasionally recognized as marking discrete lanes.  I didn't have to play pothole slalom as I made my way home, or stop suddenly behind drivers who were unsure about the true depth of that puddle.  And when I gave people directions, I just had to tell them the road we live on and a few other identifying marks.  It was great.

And then a few weeks ago, I came back from grocery shopping to yet another new traffic pattern.  Starting at the light past my house, the other side of the road was closed and all traffic was now on the road just in front of my house, sharing road space with cars parked along the sidewalk (since the curbs are now too high to park on the sidewalk), creating backups for blocks.  A thirty-second drive took me ten minutes as we had to wait for cars to back into their parking spaces, buses stopping to let passengers of, and large trucks stopping traffic entirely.

I commented to Brandon how it has been six months since they started repaving outside our house and it still isn't done.  At this rate, it might be done by the time we leave.  Maybe.

It's probably a good thing I don't like leaving the house much anyway.


UnkaDave said...

Ooof da! They should do what they do here in Bogotá and just never repair them. It has the side-benefit of defining the lower limit of vehicular size; you have to be THIS BIG to not be swallowed by the potholes.

PaulaJean said...

Does this mean Edwin won't be driving the car when he's three?