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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Those UAB boxes come in handy

A few weeks ago it was very windy here.  Baku almost always has a breeze.  In the summer this is nice.  In this winter it isn't.  But sometimes, usually when the weather is changing, the breeze gets a lot stronger and whips the trees around and makes our roof creak.  A few days it's blown strong enough that I've almost been knocked over while carrying Joseph in his baby seat.

On Thursday night Brandon was upstairs with the children, watching Looney Tunes while I sewed downstairs.  While Elmer Fudd unsuccessfully hunted Bugs Bunny for the twentieth time, the wind gusted hard enough to knock the window open.  It fell open and the handle hit the window below, creating this:

So after shooing the children out of the room and putting them to bed, Brandon fixed the broken belt on our vacuum.  Then he vacuumed up the broken glass.  Then, being an incredibly safety-minded person (it's good that one of us is), he got out some UAB boxes and created a barricade.

Then he threatened every punishment imaginable if the children even thought about touching the boxes.

That was two weeks ago. So far we've had our monthly maintenance men look at the broken window and tell us that they had to consult and decide who's responsibility it was to fix the window - the embassy or landlord - followed several days later by someone who came to measure the window.

So for now our third-floor toy room has two lovely UAB boxes adding to the decor.  And judging by the progress so far, they'll probably there for some time yet.  But at least Brandon's threats are holding so far and everyone has left the boxes alone.  For now.


PaulaJean said...

Oh the joys of deciding who is responsible, the tenant or the landlord. We're lucky, so far nothing has gone wrong in our apartment. May it continue for six more weeks.

UnkaDave said...

So, has the Form 240B been submitted that is, the Requisition to Obtain Form 117D For Permission to Choose Representative to Assess Possible Need To Transport Maintenance Personnel For Initial Survey of Reported Damage to Housing of Employee and Dependents? No?! Sorry, you'll have to go to the end of that line over there, so that you can come back on the second Thursday and make that Application through the Department of Redundancy Department.