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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

International Women's Day

Last Friday was International Women's Day, so Brandon had work off.  We have a family policy of doing fun things on holidays, so we decided to go to Besh Barmag again.  Our children are very starved for entertainment (a few Saturdays ago we took the metro to a mall, walked around, bought a manat worth of candy, and went home.  Edwin's still talking about it), so we had a simple plan: drive to Besh Barmag, take a snack picnic, and fly our kite.

It worked wonderfully.  The day was sunny, clear, and in the fifties.  Despite the wind being an unsteady breeze, everyone had a fun time 'flying' the kite by running around.  We found snow from a few days earlier, a sheep skull, sheep horns, and lovely little purple irises attesting that yes, spring is definitely coming.  Hooray for holidays!


Latter-day Guy said...

And if the kids are zonked out at the end, it was a successful day trip!

PaulaJean said...

We can't wait to come play. Four more days!!!

UnkaDave said...

Whatever you gave those kids in the last picture, your mother wants some of it, too.
Those are some great views! Can we go too, huh, can we huh?

Anonymous said...

I'm with your parents... I want to go there! The Caspian Sea looks so beautiful from that hillside. And that lone tree - so picturesque! You're inspiring me to buy a kite this spring!

Angela said...

Making memories your kids will always remember. Wonderful opportunity for your familyl