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Sunday, March 31, 2013

More fun times with my parents

The Fingers of Besh Barmag!

Yesterday, we set out for the Castle of Çiraq Qala.  The closest we got was a bunch of seriously bemused workers who were wondering what the crazed American tourists were trying to do in the mud and cold as they explained to us that everything was closed for work.
We wandered back down the roads through the aged-looking oil fields, 
and went for our second goal, Besh Barmag!  Apparently, the name means something about fingers and a mountain, and the craggy peak rises about 1,300 feet from near the edge of the Caspian Sea.
Since time immemorial, folks have been coming to this mountain for various forms of worship.  I'll admit that the roads up there may have elicited a prayer or two on my part.
We started up the steep old stairs up in to the rocky peak.
The climb up was steep and scary, and at times got pretty tight.
Brandon could only use one hand, as he held Joseph tightly with the other one.
At the top of the climb, a small building had been constructed.
The climb down was every bit as nerve-wracking and spectacular as the climb up.
 Little legs had a hard time with some of the sections.
I know a couple of parents and grandparents who were happy to get everyone down again safely.
 A nice Azerbaijani family offered some local snacks, and we headed back to Baku.
We ended a great day by eating homemade pizza, and watching The Princess Bride.  Only a couple of people fell asleep...
We hope that all your climbs are equally as successful, and that your hosts also brought IBC Root Beer!

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