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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's Never Too Early to Learn About Gladiators

This week's history lesson was about Rome.  We started last week with the story of Remus and Romulus and this week moved on to gladiators and Roman gods and goddesses.  As part of her school, Kathleen reads supplemental texts on the internet.  Our curriculum recommends getting various books from the library, but since our HHE shipment must consist of something other than just books, we cheat and use the internet.

Some of the websites include games which the girls play repeatedly until they can win every time.  I usually pull up the websites for Kathleen and then let them read to their heart's content during quiet time, which is Kathleen's favorite part of the week.  I guess when you're starved for entertainment, anything, including playing "Gladiator: Dressed to Kill", is fascinating.

This week I came upstairs and Sophia presented me with a paper doll she had dressed and cut out.

"It's for Joseph!" she explained "He's got baby gladiator armor!  And a fake beard!"

I looked closer at the doll Sophia had drawn and the gladiator Kathleen had just dressed in her game.  Sophia had faithfully copied the armor and gear of a Retairius (okay so she got the spear wrong and gave him a shirt for modesty) so that Joseph could be sent fully equipped to win his wooden sword in the arena.

I swallowed a laugh and patted her on the back, trying to keep a straight face, "Very nice Sophia.  I like the detail you put into the net.  Make sure and show your father when he gets home."

And who says home schooled children are weird?

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