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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Blog Hopping, the Adult Digital Version of Chain Letters

So I like to pretend that I am writing to an audience of one: me.  When I started this blog, I made it as private as possible without actually needing a password because I just wanted it to be for family.  I would tell funny stories about my baby (yes! I just had one child back then and she was a baby) and then of course in time I would become world famous for my funny stories interspersed with wisdom.  You know, because secretly all bloggers want to be world famous because we wouldn't write if we didn't think our writing was awesome.

So although I know that people other than my family read this blog, I still like to pretend that I'm not a Blogger, just someone who writes a blog.  And of course it's all pretend because I belong to a community of bloggers (can't tell you who, though, because we're a secret private group) that get together for dinner every month.  At the last dinner one of the fellow Bloggers asked me to participate in a blog hop she was part of.  And being a gracious Blogger, I said yes.

So now, you get to have an insight into How I Write.  Sorry, no funny stories this time.

First off, I would like to acknowledge Theresa, who asked me to participate.  Theresa, I'm flattered you asked me.  Also, where would you like to go to dinner next month?

Question #1:  What am I working on?

I'm working on getting Eleanor to go to sleep without a pacifier restraint device (PRD) and the baby swing.  I'm afraid to stop, however, because I'm really enjoying two-hour naps.  I'm also working on being a nicer mother?  That's really a constant project, however.  Really, I'm not working on anything other than making sure my children are educated, making sure they get outside to play daily, making sure my husband is fed a reasonable dinner daily, and making sure my children get to bed to I can watch Downton Abbey before it's due at the library.

Usually, I actually have personal projects that I work on each Friday when school is off, but even though I did bring my sewing machine, this apartment is just too small to ignore all of the children and go off into project-land for a whole day.  I have to be a little more hands-on when we live in a small space.  So, nothing to report here.  Sorry.

Question #2:  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Does my blog have genre?  Is there a genre for homeschooling-mother-of-five-foreign-service-Mormon-stay-at-home-moms who like to sew, cook, and paint?  I've got all sorts of aspects.  I'm crunchy!  I'm crazy!  I'm exotic!  I'm stereotypical! I'm creative!  My blog differs because it's my blog.  Everyone's is a little different because we all have different lives.  That's why we can read everyone else's blogs - because there about a life that's not ours.

Question #3: Why do I write what I do?

I write for several reasons.  I tell myself and everyone else that I write to preserve the memories.  I keep a personal journal, but the stories I tell in my blog don't usually make it into the journal - that's more linear, keeping track of the whole of my life.  My blog just contains snapshots and funny vignettes.  My blog gives me a place to develop the funny or strange aspects of my life into something more than just a paragraph in my journal.

But, really, the reason I write is because I secretly want to be famous.  Who doesn't want to be famous?  It hasn't happened yet, but that doesn't mean it won't some time, right?

Question #4:  How does my writing process work?

I used to write throughout the week.  That was back before my day got filled up with structure and school and I would waste lots more time in front of the computer.  But now that I have five people vying for my attention whenever I'm awake, I only write on Sunday evenings.  If it doesn't get written on Sunday, it never happens despite the twenty promises I make to myself that I will sit down and write or edit that really funny story.  So usually I realize Sunday that I have to come up with three things to write about for the week.  These days, I remember that while I'm doing the dishes as Brandon puts the children to bed.  So I tell myself very witty and interesting stories while I'm wiping down the table and rinsing out the sink.  Then I sit down at the computer and read Facebook.  Then I sigh and open up Blogger and write a catchy title.  No good first sentence comes to mind, so I read blogs for inspiration.  Sometimes I get inspired and something good comes out.  When the inspiration refuses to come, I write something anyway because by this point it's thirty minutes to my bedtime and this week I really will get to bed on time because I'm exhausted and want to get some sleep.  Then I pound out three entries, save them, read through and attempt a shoddy edit before scheduling them.  I imagine I could probably use a lot more time both writing and editing, but I don't have it.  Apologies to all.

Next victim:

Bridget, a good friend that I knew for a summer in Cairo.  Despite only being friends in the same place for a few months, I keep up with her life in Sharjah, UAE via her very well-written blog.  Thanks, Bridget!


PaulaJean said...

Reading your posts are always a bright spot in my day!

Bridget said...

Thanks, Ashley!