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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Random Pictures

Edwin is very fond of Eleanor.  He gives her 'letters' that he has written, sneaks into our room to cover her with his green blanket, and makes sure that she has plenty of toys to play with.  I picked Eleanor up several days ago and felt something hard tucked into her blanket, wedged under her arm.  I fished out a toy car, keeping her company.

During school the boys amuse themselves doing whatever they can come up while I teach the girls and take care of Eleanor.  Edwin has a set of watercolors that he received for Christmas this year and he enjoys painting with them, so much that he's almost used them up.  I've never actually seen that happen; usually they just get thrown away a decade after someone painted their last landscape.  

A few weeks ago Edwin discovered that watercolor makes fantastic mustaches.  He assures me, however, that when he is grown up like Daddy, he will never have a beard.

Eleanor likes to pretend that she is an adorable baby and is even getting cute.  Then she wakes up.

Joseph likes to hold Eleanor, begging to have his turn to "hol' El'nor" whenever she is awake.  He also sneaks into our room to plant unauthorized kisses on her sleeping head.  Then he pokes his fingers into her eyes.  Eleanor is still undecided about her feelings about Joseph.

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PaulaJean said...

Great pictures! I always love to see pictures. :-)