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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Adventure Monday (with Pictures!)

Last Monday was a holiday, so we did the same thing we do every holiday - we went hiking!  Now that Brandon's extension has gone through, I'm really looking forward to having three more years exploring all of the hikes we can find, and even having enough time to revisit our favorites.  I can hear (fill in child's name) regaling their college roommates with tales of Tajikistan.  "And every. single. weekend. we went hiking!  My parents were the worst. parents. ever.  I thought I was going. to. die.  I am sooo glad to be in America, where there are cool things to do."

We I decided to head east this time, into the Romit valley. I had read about a hike our Tajikistan book and talked Brandon into another wild goose chase.  If I had to write directions to the hike, they would go like this: "Drive east out of Dushanbe.  When the road forks, go through the archway that says 'Romit' (in Cyrillic, of course).  Drive until just before the pavement ends.  This takes longer than it would seem.  Sometimes the pavement gets lost under mud and ruts, but it hasn't truly ended.  Keep going until you reach a big(ish) village.  Turn left in the village - the only left turn you can make - and wander around until road ends in between a stone wall and hillside.  Then start hiking.  Oh, and be careful going over the bridges.  Some of them aren't in very good shape."

"Also, watch out for the massive herds of goats."

We got to the trailhead late (we had to swing by the embassy to gas up the car and then get it jumped after the battery died), so didn't hike as far as I'd planned, but it was still a very pleasant hike.

Edwin is going to regret this picture in about a decade.

And this one, too.

Kathleen is thinking about her coming entry into 'moody pre-teen' territory.

I think they were looking at sticks.  Because, you know.  Sticks.  

Every hike has a different feel.  This was in a river valley which was strewn with rocks.  Good for throwing in the water.

Eleanor is thinking how grass feels funny on her legs.

And it isn't a hike without some stream crossing.

Everyone pretending to smile for the camera.  

The end.

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