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Friday, March 11, 2016

And now for the rest of the (much less well decorated) house

It's a little late to be posting pictures of the house, but I kept waiting for a perfectly clean house and good light to take pictures in.  But now that we've been here for over a year, I've realized that those conditions will never happen.  So we'll just call the house in deshabille.  It's French, so it's cool.

This is our enormous, awkward, and unfortunate powder room.  Not only is it always messy, but the tiles could possibly cause seizures.  But the good news is that we do have a full-sized washer and dryer.  And lots of detergent.  But definitely no ambience.

Our cloak room and storage room.  I can't complain.  I have a cloak room.  And it's nice to have our consumables on the same floor as the kitchen.

The Mysterious Concrete Space.  This runs the length of the entire house and is below ground level.  There is a door at street level that leads into the space and opens up twelve feet above the floor.  We don't have the key.

The second floor landing.  It works very well for impromptu dance parties, family prayer time, and somewhere to drop all of the random junk that you've been told to clean out of your room.  And it comes with a chandelier!

The master bedroom.

Complete with sparkly floral wallpaper.

Master bath.  Every time I get in the shower I want to tell Scotty to beam me up.  One day I want a bathroom with double sinks.  That day is not today.

The guest bedroom, with a view into the stairwell and matching bathroom to ours.  It is the only other bathroom on the second floor.  Rather inconvenient.  So who wants to come visit?

Another bedroom with a view onto the landing.  We use it for more storage, and a back-up bedroom for Eleanor if we need to use Eleanor's room for guests.

The boys' bedroom.  

The girls' bedroom.

The study.  It has wonderful light and has beautiful sunset views (when I have time to watch the sunset).  It's the coziest (and therefore messiest) room in the house.  

Eleanor's bedroom.  It used to have a carpet until I stole it for decorating the first floor.  But she hasn't missed it.

The stairs to the third floor (and down to the first floor).

The toy room part of the third floor.

The school room part of the third floor.

The TV room part of the third floor.

The box house part of the third floor (that's what nine UAB boxes look like).

And the exercise room part of the third floor.  Can I say that the third floor is large?  It's perfect for homeschooling because everyone has room to do the things that they need to without being on top of each other and I can keep an eye on everyone and break up fights.  It's a great space for us.

And the kitchen, also very large.  When we moved in, the furniture guy commented that the standard four-person table wasn't going to work very well for us.  So they just gave us two and pushed them together.  With the dining room table, two kitchen tables, two school tables, our own folding table, and outside patio furniture, we can seat a. lot. of. people.  It's nice after having five (five!) chairs in our entire apartment in Oakwood.

So, that's our house.  I don't like the finishing details or general construction quality, but the space works really well for us (it's almost 6,000 sq feet, so there's not much to complain about) and we're happy to be here for over two more years.  I don't have plans for a European shoebox any time soon.


bestgrandkidsever said...

Are thise drains in the powder room floor. All the while I was raising kids I dreamed of having a kitchen with a durable floor with a drain in the middle that I could just hose down three or four times a day!

PaulaJean said...

We have drains in our bathroom and kitchen floors, too. It's a nice feature. Particularly the day when I dropped a quart of orange juice on the floor. 😢