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Friday, May 8, 2009

Appearances can be deceiving

Every morning before Brandon heads off for work, we try and have family prayer.  As with most things 'family' it usually includes me, Brandon, and Kathleen because Sophia is almost always asleep.  She'll make up for lost time later.

As with all two year-olds, part of the challenge of family prayer is getting them to sit still, fold their arms, close their eyes, and be quiet and still.  I have decided that the 'keep your eyes closed' rule no longer applies to mother because they have to police their children.  One day I'll get to pray for myself again.

Usually family prayer involves either myself or Brandon keeping Kathleen held down by force with our goal simply being arms folded.  We'll get to eyes closed later.

This morning Kathleen decided to kneel herself and sat there so piously I was beginning to be impressed.  Her arms were folded with eyes closed and bowed head complete with solemn expression.  Perhaps all of our attempts were beginning to have an effect.  It was only after the prayer that I realized the reason for such piety - she was trying to keep her red car carefully tucked under her chin and could only keep it there by very quietly bowing her head.  Perhaps we should try this in church.


Nisa said...

lol!!! I wonder if that would work for Xander! Oh I'm going to be laughing for awhile over this one. Too funny!

UnkaDave said...

Very funny! I'm looking forward to seeing the kid. I thought the car was green.

Mary Pugh said...

So cute! What a great idea!

Lindsay Edward said...

She is so clever!..but hey, whatever works! I might keep that trick tucked away for future use with my own rascals. haha

Laura said...

I never close my eyes or bow my head during the prayer. . . Maybe I need a red truck?

Also, I'm laughing at the reasoning behind needing a red truck under your chin.

Amy said...

That is FABULOUS!!!