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Friday, May 29, 2009


When Kathleen was born, Brandon and I lived in a 1-bedroom apartment.  We had no room for a real crib, so she slept in a Graco pack-n-play.  Following that apartment, we moved to a 2-bedroom duplex and thought about buying a real crib.  However, we weren't sure where and when and who would be paying for our next move.  

So Kathleen vacated the pack-n-play, now a little dished out on the bottom, for her little sister Sophia.  Despite 9 additional months of residence in our duplex, we never got around to buying a real crib for Sophia either because when plans were finally made clear, any crib that we would have bought would have gone into storage anyway.

One day last week, however, something came in the mail.  It was heavy, it was 
made of wood, and when we put it together, it looked suspiciously like a crib, the kind that has to be bolted together and can't fold up to fit in one's trunk.  Yes, after over two and half years of children, we finally own a crib.  It's not full sized, but it also isn't made of polyester fabric either.  We all have to take baby steps.


PaulaJean said...


Brynn said...

We have the we're-only-moving-once-with-this-big-thing version of the crib, and it's been great. Emily is enjoying it for an afternoon nap as I write :) Congrats!

Lindsay Edward said...

Very exciting! I'm glad to hear that your children have turned out just fine despite sleeping in a pack-n-play. Our first child will also get to experience the joys of temporary living conditions.

Sherwood family said...

Unfortunately, Sophia's living conditions are only temporary until we go back to... temporary because the crib's only going to get packed up in a few months and then take 4 or 5 months being shipped to Egypt, and by then, well, someone else will get the crib.

Eliza said...

Theo slept only in a Pack'n'Play until he moved to a twin, and Ida sleeps in a mini crib at night and in the Pack'n'Play in my room for naps. They are both great sleepers, so, hooray for Pack'n'Plays and mini-cribs!

I do have to say that the mini-crib is slightly cuter than the Pack'n'Play. Blends a little more! Except it is narrower and Ida might grow out of it sooner than Theo grew out of the PnP (which actually he grew out of long before I actually moved him out of it).

Also, best part of a Pack'n'Play, aside from its portability, is that no limbs get stuck in slats. Both my kids loved to snuggle up to the mesh sides of the PnP. So much cozier than metal or wooden bars.