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Friday, May 15, 2009

Dorothy Never Knew

This morning, while trying to keep the girls quiet as breakfast arrived, Brandon started singing.  He often does that, and Kathleen especially likes it.  Sometimes when she's trying to stall during dinner, she'll suggest we all sing 'Popcorn' or 'Happy Birthday.'

This morning Brandon brought out a new song and started singing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow.'  He has a nice singing voice, and I enjoyed the early-morning serenade and the girls stayed quiet.  Evidently too quiet.

I sat down at the table and we all folded our arms to pray (well, Sophia just looked around in confusion like she does every time we pray).  Only then did we notice Kathleen's face crumpling and hear the beginning of high keening.  Then she started bawling.  'That's a saaaaad song,' she sobbed to us.  'Sing a happy song.'  And her tears wouldn't stop falling until we had sung her several 'happy' songs.

Who knew 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' could bring a two year-old to tears?


UnkaDave said...

I dunno, I always kind of got choked up when Judy Garland looked wistfully in to the distance, ruby slippers or no.
On the other hand, it was the Flying Monkeys that set me off, man. More tears of fear than sadness.

Nisa said...

Wow! Now you can feel better about her not feeling sympathy over Xander's tears! ;)

PaulaJean said...

Poor Kathleen! I'm impressed that you know all the words, I can't remember anything between "Somehow over the rainbow. why up high . . . little bluebirds fly, why can't I?" And that's probably wrong, too.