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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Part IV The plot twists again

Having applied for Edwin's passport and faxed the OF---- to S- who was finally back in her office, I rested on my laurels for a few days. However, after not having heard back about the receipt of OF---- and needing some instruction on other matters, I took my cross back up and emailed S- about various and sundry.

Six days later, I received a reply that included a request for a copy of the birth certificate and assurance that I would receive form DC (diplomatic stuff?)---- after the birth certificate was used to enter Edwin into 'the system' so that I would initiate the passport process.

Wishing that I had received the information earlier that I yes, I really did need to send that birth certificate via fax, I sent it in. However, I was unsure about the need for form DS----, and so emailed S- again telling her that I had already applied for Edwin's passport. After a few unhelpful emails, I called and asked if there was any way to match up DS---- with Edwin's paperwork that was already in DC, complete with notarized form.

S- didn't know, but advised me to call whoever it was that I had mailed the form to. Luckily, the number was to be found in the encyclopedia of confusing instructions I had received and soon I was on the line with yet another employee of The Bureaucracy.

lady: George Edwin Sherwood? That was an application for a tourist passport, right?
me: No, it was an application for a diplomatic passport, but it was lacking a form. Can I have the form sent in so that he can have a diplomatic passport?
lady: No, you applied for a tourist passport.
me: It was supposed to be a diplomatic one.
lady: Did you pay any money?
me: Yes, the ladies at the post office insisted that I had to, even though I told them it was for a no-fee diplomatic passport.
lady: Well, they lied. You don't have to pay for a diplomatic passport.
me: So I have to apply again for a dip passport?
lady: Yes. But your tourist passport will be there in a few days.


Unknown said...

Oh for the love of Pete... And people wonder why I am against government run health care. lol!

Unknown said...

My comment was going to be the same as Nisa's. Oh dear, oh dear! Good luck!

UnkaDave said...

Yeah, you know, as a doctor, and future potential employee of these people, I think I'm going to retire. Soon!
Well, I don't know about you, but I feel safer already, now that I am aware of the thicket of safeguards against getting OUT of this country.

Lydia said...

It's ridiculous. They act like it's reinventing the wheel. Have you not done this before lady? I thought it was YOUR job to know this stuff.