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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Part VI The Special Issuance Agency

One time quite awhile ago now, I was scared of making phone calls. After almost a year of being married to a government employee, however, I have grown out of that fear. If I hadn't, we would still be in Springville.

And so I called the Special Issuance Agency and God sent me to Val, whose name shall be called blessed from hereafter. I explained to Val the situation - passport mix-up, leaving in two weeks, three small children, my mother flying with me, and a strong desire to return home to my husband. And Val understood. She sympathized. Then she got my number, and went to speak with her supervisor.

In a few minutes, she called me back. That pesky notarized form? She could pull it from the previous paperwork. Not only that, but she would priority overnight FedEx it (does that say something that the US government doesn't use its own mail services?) so it would be there the next morning.

Testing my luck, I asked her about the visas. She looked on a list, and told me that yes, Egyptian visas require signed passports (some don't). Then she told me that she'd go speak with the visa guys.

In a few minutes, she called me back. If we could send a copy of Brandon's diplomatic visas, they could probably get the Egyptians to waive the signature requirement (I'd be the one signing it anyway). They would even have someone walk the passport over to the Embassy.

So after a few more phone calls, we had a game plan. I would receive the notarized form in the morning. Then I would go back to the post office and apply again for Edwin's passport (this time with the dang DS---- and a letter from State stating that I didn't have to pay for the passport). After having everything sealed up in the envelope for free, I would go to FedEx and stuff everything into their envelope, complete with a piece of paper directing the documents be sent to Val's supervisor. After sealing it, I would then line the outside with red marker so that her supervisor would be able to quickly spot the envelope. And then I would email the tracking number to Val.

And then I would repent of all of the unkind statements made previously about government employees.


Mary Pugh said...

Your next child should be named Val...hallelujah!

UnkaDave said...

Here's hoping it all works out...
(although I am going to miss you and the Girleens more than I can say)

Nisa said...

Whew that's quite a story. Really, ours is quite similar. Sad huh? Until that one blessed employee at the end gets everything running! I'm so glad it all finally worked out!

Nancy said...

Can't wait to have you back here!

We have yet to jump through all the hoops, ourselves. We still have to get another birth certificate and an entry stamp and a visa. we come... o_0

PaulaJean said...

And Val even called Saturday morning to get the FedEx tracking number and make sure all had gone according to plan!