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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I've always enjoyed reading.  I remember many, many nights where my parents would walk past my room, open the door, and tell me to "put away the book."  Most nights I would feign sleep, and then pull out again to read until all hours of the night.  Family beach trips each summer were a perfect combination of swimming and reading with very little responsibility in between.  Even now, my perfect vacation centers on a beach and a book.

Obviously being a mother of three has cut down on my reading time.  My days are usually busy, and the book supply isn't very steady.  I have a secret and deeply abiding love for fantasy, young adult and regular kind.  As our earthly possessions are judged by weight, however, I can't usually justify purchasing pounds and pounds of books that I'll only ever read once.  And I don't have the time anyway.

But now that we're on evacuation, circumstances have changed.  I left Kathleen's school materials in Cairo and the easel didn't fit into my suitcase very well, so my days are much more open than usual.  So I marched everyone down to the library within the first week of our arrival, and I've been in heaven ever since.

I just finished the latest thousand-page behemoth, and my life is returning to order again.  I folded two day-old laundry this afternoon, and have returned to reading (and writing) blogs again.  My children had craft time (a first!) and stories today.  And I even vacuumed the carpet underneath our table.

But it's only a breath of air until I plunge into another book.  A lot of things about this evacuation aren't my favorite.  But I'm not complaining about the books.


Nisa said...

Ah, libraries! You know, I sacrifice a lot of our weight to bring our library with us and it's only grown since Cairo. I wonder what will get sacrificed next... The kids' toys, I suspect. Shh! Don't tell!

PS I bought Way of Kinds. Can't wait to read it!

UnkaDave said...

We have a one-word suggestion. Kindle. Fits in your purse, weighs a couple of ounces, holds 2 berzillion books, can even do library books, (though that is evolving). Tell your poor neglected children we'll see them next weekend and play with them while their mother reads.

Liz said...

I second the Kindle recommedation. The first thing I said to my husband when he asked me to go to Afghanistan with him was "If I say yes you have to buy me a Kindle." It goes with me everywhere, and will certainly be in my carry-on when we land in Cairo in December.

Tammy and Alvin said...

We always love a good recommendation! Funny that you should be reading a Brandon Sanderson book. We are currently "reading" (audio book - totally the way to go as a mom, that way you can listen while you fold the laundry etc.) Elantris by the same author.

Bridget said...

I also love books. I haven't read that particular one, though. Sounds good!

Latter-day Guy said...

Might I recommend The Wise Man's Fear, that is, only if you've already read The Name of the Wind. There's a little (gasp!) sex in book 2, but, golly, Rothfuss is good!

Sarah Familia said...

I adore my Kindle too. I don't even haul my Scriptures around the world anymore. But if you are considering an e-reader, you might want to check out the Sony e-Reader if your library in America has a good selection of e-books, since the Kindle will not read them.