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Monday, March 14, 2011

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Today is Monday, and Monday is laundry day.  Most of the apartments in Oakwood have been renovated with laundry facilities.  Our apartment hasn't, and so I get to haul the clothes down to the fourth floor to wash our five loads each week.

This morning, I picked up the same bottle of laundry detergent that I've been using my entire stay.  I haven't been too happy with the laundry facilities here for many reasons, one of them being how dirty our whites have gotten.  Brandon's been sporting a lovely ring-around-the collar that I haven't gotten rid of, and our underclothes are downright dingy.  But, that's what you get with cheaply-made, expensive-to-run laundry machines, I thought.

Until this morning, when I happened to get a closer look at my detergent bottle.

That's right, I've been using fabric softener this whole month.  Brandon laughed when I told him, and reminded me of one of his favorite SNL skits.  I'm hoping that the clothes will look better this time around with good old Tide.


Nisa said...

This is why I always use the bright red tide bottles! Oh my! *grin*

Foreign Obsession said...

Oh man! That sucks!

UnkaDave said...

Can't you READ?! Sauvizador de telas! SAUVIZADOR DE TELAS!!!