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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mistress of the House

Brandon is gone now.  He is sitting at the Dulles Airport waiting to see if his name comes up for a wait-listed business class seat, and I'm home with the children, who are in bed.  I've done this a lot lately - been home alone with the children in bed - but this time I'm not waiting for anybody to come home.

We've had a fun week together, after Brandon went in to work for the last time on Monday. Tuesday morning we took the metro down to the Mall and the girls rode the carousel.  After watching Mary Poppins twenty times, they've been obsessed with carousels.  And so we indulged them.  After the carousel we popped into the Natural Science Museum, and then visited the National Aquarium before riding the metro back home.

Yesterday we tried to brave the cold at the park, but stayed inside for fort-building instead.  That evening, my kind cousin came and babysat the kids so Brandon and I could go on a date.  We called it our anniversary date, one month early, as the likelihood of being together in a month isn't high.

Today, after packing in the morning, we took the children to a movie and then ate dinner at IHOP.  Kathleen was adamant about wanting to eat at 'the pancake restaurant,' and then had grilled cheese.  We finished the evening with dropping Brandon off at the airport.  I haven't gotten the energy up yet to clean up the house and pack.

Tomorrow I'm going to my parents' house to stay until they kick me out or I want to come back to Oakwood.  I thought about moving back to my parents' or wandering around staying at various relatives' houses, but eventually decided to stay in our apartment here.  I've gotten too old and too independent to be a long-term guest.  I enjoy having my own space to let go to rack and ruin if I so choose.

We still don't know when the rest of us will go back; the evacuation was officially extended until April 30 (our anniversary).  So until they send us back, I'll be running the show alone.  So if I don't answer calls or emails promptly (or at all), you'll know why.


UnkaDave said...

I don't know if we can offer anything as good as IHOP, and I know for a fact we can't replace Brandon, but c'mon down and we'll try to help out.
We're sorry you two have to be split up again. We hope it won't be for very long

Smallbits said...

Another renewal. Ugh, I'm so sorry. I hope some time with family helps and that this is the last renewal you have to deal with.

Nomads By Nature said...

I'm so sorry that your lives continue to be turned upside down. Hoping that you find fun and enjoyment in April and that you are all back together as a family very soon.

Nisa said...

This post breaks my heart. I'm so sorry, Ashley. I wish things were different. You're in my prayers. *hugs*