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Friday, April 15, 2011

Dear Oakwood,

Thank you for giving me a new apartment.  I have already used the washer and dryer.  I have enjoyed rearranging the furniture and kitchen to my liking again.  I think that by the third apartment I should have everything just about perfect.

I have a few complaints.  That key you gave me?  It didn't work.  And my internet code was changed this morning, and nobody told me the new one until I called and asked.  I had to call myself on my cell phone to find out what my new phone number is.

But what has really been the most annoying is when I called Sarah Indian and tried to find out where my food is, an hour after I ordered it.  When I found out that the delivery driver had waited fifteen minutes while calling repeatedly, I called with my cell phone and the number was busy, repeatedly.

It is now 6:30, 30 minutes after my 16 month-old's bedtime, and I have no dinner.  The delivery driver should be here in about 15 minutes to make the delivery, again.  I gave them my cell phone number this time.  Hopefully my children haven't destroyed your brand-new apartment while waiting for their dinner.

Ashley Sherwood

P.S.  I am sure that white suede chair bottoms look very nice in your promotional photos, but they are on a collision course for disaster with my children.  Perhaps for the studios?

1 comment:

Nisa said...

Why do landlords insist on putting white/cream colored furniture in their housing units? They really are asking for trouble!

Sorry you've had so many issues with this move! :(