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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Note of Explanation

This morning, when I talked to Brandon, I learned that perhaps I had jumped the gun a little on announcing our return.  I certainly haven't been packing suitcases (in fact, I finally vacuumed up that oatmeal last night), and I hope nobody else has either.

When I said we’re all going home that was speculation and the EAC vote seemed to indicate this was the direction things were heading. However, the Department has to make the decision and even with EAC recommendation the Department may not be ready to let us return. It all depends on their discussion of things with post. Sorry, to have fanned the flames of rumor and gotten everyones’ hopes up.

But, hopefully, the speculation will turn into reality.


Nomads By Nature said...

Hoping you are all soon reunited in Cairo and back in your home, together, having a sense of normal family life.

Nisa said...

Oh i sure hope so!!!

Laura said...

I hope they decide sooner rather than later!

Brooke said...

Oh! I wish you all the best in this transitional period within a transitional period. Take Care!