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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Unpacking, and then packing, and then... unpacking

Yesterday, we got back from my parents' house in North Carolina.  While driving down Leesburg Pike, Kathleen exclaimed, "Mom, I think this looks just like Virginia!"  They are having problems understanding where we are going next.  This morning Sophia asked if we were going on the airplane to Cairo.  She was disappointed to only be taking a car to Virginia.  I was disappointed too.

Usually when I get to a destination, I unpack.  I don't like my clothes vomiting out of suitcases, although sometimes that doesn't necessarily translate to unpacking immediately.  This morning all of my clothes are still in the suitcases, without the least effort to unpack them.  In fact, I'm trying to keep as much in them as possible.

Because we're moving today.  I got a call a few days before Brandon left with the chipper Oakwood man generously offering us a newly renovated apartment.  I didn't call back because I didn't want to bother moving with three small children while pregnant without my husband.  He tracked me down at my parents' and repeated the offer.  No thanks, I told him, I'll hopefully only be staying two more weeks anyway.

Well, it turned down that the offer was less of a nice gift and more like an eviction notice.  Oakwood is renovating, and all apartments in a column are renovated at once.  And it's all of the -03s in C building.

One day when I am old and tired I'm going to move into a house.  And then I will unpack all of my things.  And then I will never leave they pull my cold, dead body out in a coffin.


Nomads By Nature said...

I'm so sorry you are still dealing with such chaos and uncertainty. I do hear you about the stay and stay put theory. I think we are getting road weary too, and I'm not pregnant on evac with small kids. Praying for you.

PaulaJean said...

I hope Oakwood give you the help you need. :-)

Nisa said...

Darn! Wish I was there to help you move!

Lydia said...

Yeah, I am going down to Walmart *today* and just boxing up a bunch of crap. In a week & a half we will pack up for the third time. Make sure Oakwood man includes bell-boy services in his offer.