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Thursday, December 8, 2011

... and why was this conversation necessary?

While in the shower this morning
Sophia: hmmememm warrrrinnngnsnn
rrrrrrwwwweee serrrrsisss!
gnnnennnnnwbbwerbbbb lllfasfsf!!
blllllenensnesnn wmmemmemms!!!

Me: (finally giving up on pretending I can't hear her) Sophia, I'm in the shower and can't hear you; open the door and tell me what you're saying.

Sophia: (opening the door) Mom, are you in the shower?

Me: (stating the obvious) Yes.

Sophia: I need to use the bathroom.

Me: Can you use your bathroom?

Sophia: Oh, okay!  (happily runs off to use her bathroom)


Nisa said...

And that is why moms need adult conversation. Exactly. lol

Bridget said...

Ha ha, this happens all the time! We have 4 bathrooms but the kids always seem to need the one I'm in...

nelsonjeneen said...

I seem to have those exact same conversations with my oldest. :) I seriously think my/any kids have to be where ever we are.

dixonfamily said...

Happens at our house too. So funny! What I don't get is my kids' need to announce they have to go to the bathroom and then they look at me like they are waiting for permission. By all means, go take care of business kiddos! Crazy children.

UnkaDave said...

It comes from their grandmother. Henderson.

Liz said...

Hi Ashley,

Sorry to do this through a comment, but I can't find a way to email you directly. My husband and I just received our housing assignment for Cairo, and I was wondering if you might know anything about our future home. It'd be great if you could email me directly so I can pick your brain. Of course I totally understand that your life must be chaos right now with a new baby, kids and packout! So no worries if you just don't have the time right now.

Liz (of Nick & Liz Go Global)