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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Over and Out

We're sitting in the Dulles Airport right now, with Joseph in tow, waiting for our flight to Frankfurt.  Joseph's ticketing issues thankfully worked out easily, and we didn't continue melting our credit card with a last-minute flight purchase.  

The movers came yesterday, and we were underweight.  Today was a crazy day and Brandon was right and I was wrong about how long it would take to get everything done.  When our shuttle arrived, all of the bags were packed and exactly fifty pounds, but it was a close-run thing.  I'm getting tired of packing for international flights.

We got to the airport early enough to stuff everyone full of dinner so they can avoid any food except fruit snacks for the next eighteen hours, and now it's just a matter of waiting until we show up in Baku.

Since we'll be in temporary housing, I can't speak for our internet connection, but I will update when I can.  I have a few posts about Christmas, but ran out of time to put pictures in.  So you'll just have to go somewhere else for your daily dose of interesting.  Or maybe just keep going there.

Off to Baku we go!


Sarah Flib said...

Have a good trip! I hope it goes smoothly, despite the 18 hours ahead!

UnkaDave said...

Godspeed to you and let us know when you can. We look forward to further adventures.

Donna said...

Safe travels! Can't wait to hear about the next adventure...

Nancy said...

Best of luck!

Shirlee said...

I'm glad that my kids aren't the only ones who survive those long international flights subsisting only on fruit snacks.