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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas, again

When we were preparing to move to Baku, I asked around about shipment times.  Our UAB would take about 30 days I was told, our HHE could take several months, and I didn't ask about the consumables.  When I added these timelines to our unknown length of stay in temporary housing, I made sure to pack a bag of black beans in my suitcase.

So when we arrived and found out that we would be skipping temporary, I considered myself lucky.  And then when Brandon called last Monday to tell me that our HHE and consumables were ready to be dropped off, I told him to have it delivered as soon as possible.  On Thursday morning he called to ask if I wanted our UAB and HHE by air that night, I figured that as I had just finished off the unpacking on first and second stories, I had room to put more boxes in.

So Brandon and I spent our Saturday wielding hex wrenches and wrestling with Ikea furniture and our MLK holiday Monday unpacking boxes after I had spent almost all week unpacking boxes.  There's nothing like unpacking three or four tons of stuff to make you wonder why exactly you have so much stuff in the first place.

But it's almost done, and I'm mostly waiting on shelves to put my boxes and boxes of consumables in.  I'm happy to have most of the unpacking behind me, and I'm even more happy that we've been here less than three weeks and I have almost all of my things.  All I have left is to hang pictures and I will really feel home.  Which is something that I'm happy to have again.


Nisa said...

What a blessing! I'm so glad it's worked out so well. *hugs*

Bridget said...

Amazing! I'm so happy for you.

PaulaJean said...


UnkaDave said...

Yeah, Mom, why DON'T you get the embassy to do that for you?

Sarah Flib said...

I still can't believe you are doing all of this with a two-month-old baby . . . so glad all of your shipments have arrived!

Just US said...

YEAH for pleasant surprises!!