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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to bake cornmeal muffins, Baku style

1.  Realize that baking supplies are running low, and your car is somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic, so you'll have to work with what is in the house.
2.  Look for brown sugar in the pile of boxes on the third floor that have your consumables shipment.
3.  Give up on finding the brown sugar boxes, and realize that a few are in the plastic buckets.
4.  Look through the boxes for the bucket opener.
5.  Give up and go find a screwdriver on the second floor.
6.  Nearly break your fingertips to pry off the bucket lid.  Explain to second child why the embassy can't be called to open the bucket for you, and it would take too long to wait for Daddy to come home and do it.
7.  Find the wheat grinder.  In another pile of boxes.
8.  Move the transformer from the living room to the kitchen counter.
9.  Grind popcorn.
10.  Realize that milk is running low, and find can of powdered milk.
11.  Open can while heating distiller water in the microwave.  Mix milk.
12.  Let cornmeal soak in milk for five minutes.
13.  Weigh out four tablespoons of butter from 500-gram block of butter, melt and add egg.
14.  Mix together dry ingredients.
15.  Realize that baking spray is in the same pile of boxes on the third floor, and grease tins with sunflower oil.
16.  Combine wet and dry ingredients, bake at about 400 degrees, as estimated from celsius  dial on the oven.
17.  Wonder why you didn't just pack Jiffy mixes in the consumables instead.


UnkaDave said...

#18. Pop some pop corn, give it to starving kids, go read a trashy novel.

Sherwood family said...

That sounds like an excellent step, Dad. Maybe some ice cream for me in #19.

PaulaJean said...

Ahh, the fahrenheit to celsius thing. First, I printed out a conversion table from the internet, and second, when the other senior missionary couple returned to the US that lived next door, I appropriated her fahrenheit oven thermometer.

And you can never go wrong with ice cream.