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Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, Brandon!

Brandon decided to start his birthday celebration this year by having a migraine.  He has had migraines since a teenager, but they haven't bothered him much during our marriage, with one exception.  Other than that one, however, he's been pretty trouble-free.

We managed to make it to the baptism of a child in our ward in the morning before he fell apart.  Since we have no building and no members with a pool, the places to be baptized are fairly limited.  Having nowhere else to go, she was baptized in the Caspian.  Usually the sea is pretty calm; last time we went to the beach there wasn't a single wave.  That day, however, was the roughest I had ever seen it, and the few locals wandering around must have been pretty puzzled.  Man and child fully dressed in white wade into the water.  They attempt to stand for awhile, after which he raises his arm, then shoves the child under the waves.  Then he does it again.  Gotta love strange religious rites.

We came home quickly after that and left Brandon moaning on the floor in the bathroom to go to a barbecue at the friends' house.  I felt bad, but he probably had a better chance of surviving the pain without four noisy children making their usual ruckus.  I remember leaving my father at home one Thanksgiving, sick as a dog, while we went off to party with friends that believed in half a pie per person for dessert.  Such is family love for a sick father.

The next he spent recovering.  I had the kindness to make him a cake, but he prepared the things for grilled cheese and green beans while we left him again for church.  I did have pity and took Joseph with me so Brandon could get a nap.  I hadn't remembered to order presents in time; I kept meaning to, but got busy and by the time I finally did, it was too late.  Sometimes I really miss two-day shipping and the mall.  So instead he got a burned copy of Boston greatest hits, and a Kindle book for presents.  When he opened it up, he was really confused why I had wrapped up my Kindle for him.

So, this year's birthday wasn't the best.  I have a history of Brandon birthday fails and he is used to the off years, or so he says.  And the last two in a row have been good so that means I have the good balance on my side and I can slack off next year.

It's probably good Father's Day is near his birthday so I can try again.

Happy Birthday, Brandon!  Even though it may not show, I love you!

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PaulaJean said...

And we haven't done anything yet, either. My excuse? A bit distracted, which is still pretty lame. Happy Birthday Brandon!