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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Living in Baku (Azerbaijan): Wildflowers

We are posted to Baku for two years.  Sometimes two years feels like a really long time.  Especially at the beginning, when you look at your teeny-tiny seven week old baby and realize that when you leave they'll be walking, talking, feeding themselves, and maybe even (fingers crossed) not in diapers.  That's a long time when you're getting up three times a night because someone is screaming about being hungry.

But when you think about seasons, it's not that long.  Last year spring came in a bit of a blur.  Hooray, the weather is warm so I won't get scolded about not covering my baby's head anymore!  We did some exploring, but not much.  When your baby is on a nap schedule, interrupting it is a very serious business.  

So it wasn't until this spring that we got out exploring, heading into the mountains beginning in March at least every other or every third weekend.  Because all of them are far away, we gotten to watch the landscape change each time.  And I've discovered something I never would have thought: Azerbaijan has beautiful wildflowers.  

They started in March with little tiny irises hiding near the ground.

Then out come a profusion of yellow and white flowers.

After that is poppy season.

And then these pink things.

Last weekend we discovered a large stand of delphiniums growing in the middle of wheat fields (some may have come home with us).

And now comes the part where two years isn't long enough.  When we leave the wildflowers will still be sleeping, waiting for spring.  They will come up next year in riotous beauty but we won't be here to enjoy them.  Ever again.  

I hope there are wildflowers in Tajikistan.


Amira said...

They are even better in Tajikistan!

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