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Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's Been One Week

We moved into Oakwood one week ago this evening and it's been a busy week.  In just one short week we've managed to:
 - break two glasses (that don't belong to us)
 - see friends from both of our previous posts
 - go to the park four times
 - get a personally signed letter from management complaining about the noise we make
 - obtain a library card and check out half of our allowed books in one go (including a bacon cook book)
 - spend four figures on groceries, internet purchases, and Target
 - buy four pounds of bacon
 - unpack all of the suitcases
 - fit four beds (and children) into one bedroom
 - have two days of snow
 - wash ten loads of laundry (in one day)
 - get dinner from Cafe Rio

and I have gotten sick (and mostly recovered).  It's a good thing Brandon's schedule is a lot lighter here.  What we haven't managed to do is get someone to deliver our nine hundred pounds of UAB containing essential items including knives that actually cut food, our big computer, the children's toys, and our school things.  Oh, and the plastic cups.  Those would have been helpful this week.


UnkaDave said...

Good to have you back! Hold it...we´re not back!

PaulaJean said...

I've been looking for plastic cups and they can't be found anywhere unless they have Disney/cartoon characters. I suppose adult Peruvians don't break glasses very often. Or they like Disney cups?

Bfiles said...

I thought I recognized you guys in the Oakwood FC capital room...but I was too shy to ask!