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Monday, March 24, 2014

Snow Day... Again

Last week my aunt invited us over for dinner at her country home house in southern Maryland.  I actually have a lot of family in the DC area and so she invited everyone for a family dinner last Sunday after we all finished church.  As the week progressed the weather forecast started calling for snow on Monday.  Then it called for snow starting Sunday evening and as the forecast became increasingly dire, people started dropping out.  But Brandon and I weren't afraid of a little snow (and we really like seeing my aunt and uncle) so we packed up the kids and figured that we would be just fine.

The snow started falling around seven and so we bid our farewells and started the hour and a half drive back to Falls Church, figuring that there couldn't be that much snow on the roads yet; after all Saturday had been 65 and sunny.  It takes awhile for everything to cool down enough for snow to stick, right?

By the time we got to I-66, we could barely see the lane makers and I swear we were sliding sideways around the corners.  I haven't had such an exciting ride since we drove though torrential thunderstorms on our way out of St. Louis.  Perhaps we should have stayed home like everyone else who believed the forecaster's dire predictions.  But, we made it home in one piece and the next day Brandon was out of work for the second time in two weeks.

Unfortunately for the children homeschool never has to have snow days and so they had a full day of school and I did my usual ten loads of laundry.  Sometimes making your own schedule has its downsides.

But in the afternoon they were finally able to test out their new snow gear in the seven inches of snow that had fallen and I got to see if my stop sign-red, calf-length down coat would be as warm as Lands' End claimed it would be.

The children had a wonderful time sledding down the only hill at Oakwood and slamming into the apartment wall at the bottom and were quite happy with their warm new clothes.  "This is much better than two pairs of jeans and tights!!" Kathleen reported.  My toes turned numb, but the rest of me was quite warm.

As the children flopped down for one more snow angel before going to raid the hot chocolate machine, I told them to enjoy it because it would be the last snowfall of the season.  Definitely.

But guess what's on the forecast for Tuesday?  That's right.  Snow.

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PaulaJean said...

Fun pictures! We miss you. . .