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Friday, December 5, 2008

Our First Thanksgiving

Ever since I left home for college, I have always mooched off others for Thanksgiving.  After all, who wants to cook all of that food themselves?  It's a holiday, and holidays don't involve large amounts of cooking.  Well, at least by me.  On Thanksgiving.

This year, however, our devious plans fell through when our regular Thanksgiving date fell through a few days before due to rampant bronchitis in their large household.  We did, however, receive a turkey, sweet potatoes, olives, cream, and two bottles of soda to ease the pain.

One problem with a 12-pound turkey, however, is that it has to be cooked.  You can't just decided to have pizza or go out to dinner when a 12-pound turkey is waiting in your refrigerator, reminding you that a turkey somewhere in Middle America lived and died to be sitting in your refrigerator waiting for its big day and not to be ignored and left to spoil.

So, we cooked the turkey.  And sweet potatoes, and mashed potatoes, and stuffing (from home-made bread, of course), giblet gravy, cranberry sauce, pecan pie and pumpkin pie.  Thankfully the olives simply had to be drained and eaten.

Lest I take too much credit, however, I must give thanks and much acknowledgement to my wonderful team of sous-chefs, my dear husband, kind sister-in-law Ashley, and Seth, who is amazing with a knife.  Everyone followed the recipes and schedule posted and dinner turned out fabulous.

Now we just need to find some more people to come help cook Christmas dinner.  Anyone planning on a Springville Christmas?


Janyece said...

lol! The obvious answer would be only if you're cooking! ;) I'm glad dinner was so fabulous!!

Ashlie said...

Dinner was fantastic! You guys are great! Thanks again!