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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


My husband enjoys watching Homestar Runner cartoons.  One of the various offerings is a series called 'Teen Girl Squad,' where Strongbad, another character, draws little boy-ish cartoons about, well, teenaged girls.  As a boy is drawing them, however, the girls often meet their demise in odd ways.  In one of Brandon's favorite cartoons, one character is suddenly run over by a child-filled car while Strongbad growls 'Children!!!'

This afternoon has been one of those days where the children have attempted to run me over.

This morning, Kathleen and I slogged through the snow, slush, and 12-degree weather to do some last-minute shopping.  When we got home, it was lunch time then nap time.  Then it was my lunch time.  While eating our lunch, Brandon and I were interrupted by hilarious laughter drifting from the girls' room.  He went in to investigate, and discovered Kathleen standing on the diaper pail to watch Sophia as she rolled back and forth in her crib.  Both clearly thought it absolutely hilarious.

So, back to bed for them.  15 minutes later, more of the same.  This time, the tucking-in was accompanied by dire threats of blanket confiscation.  All was quiet, until we had been asleep for 10 minutes of our naps, and then a thumping started up.  Brandon got up, briefly confiscated the blanket, and I continued with my nap.  15 minutes later the thumping continued, and this time, their little bums were mine.  

I roared into the room, smacked Kathleen on her little padded backside, swiped the blanket, and left uttering dire threats.  10 minutes later Kathleen was banging on the door sobbing for her blanket and Sophia was screaming in commiseration.  So, one last time, we went in and returned the blanket, tucked them in, and informed Kathleen that if she got out of bed one more time, she would spend the rest of the day in bed.  

So now, after 1 1/2 hours of attempted insurrection, the natives are conquered and quiet.


Janyece said...

Why does taking away the blanket never work for me?? I hope you had good naps!!


PaulaJean said...

NEVER mess with mom's nap! Isn't that a lesson you learned well when you were a kid??

UnkaDave said...

Oh, the poor little dears; you cruel thing! I always found that putting them out in the cold slowed them down more quickly, and you couldn't hear them as well.