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Thursday, January 1, 2009


One of my favorite parts of Christmas is Christmas dinner.  Brandon and I start planning at least two weeks in advance, dreaming of all the delicious things we get to bring to life, and then eat.  

This year was no different.  By Christmas, our refrigerator was full of good things to eat: lamb, artichoke hearts, mangoes, cream, tomatoes, sparkly drinks, oranges, cheese ball, veggies.  And most of them are still there, including the lamb.  

But what did we eat for dinner, you ask?  Leftover Chinese food, brought over by Brandon's aunt on Christmas Eve.  None of it, however, was duck.


Laura said...

But why no Christmas dinner? I'm burning with curiosity. (Because let's face it, you're a lot less lazy than me. We all know why I had mashed potatoes. . .)

Sherwood family said...

It sounds so mysterious, but really, I just was lazy. Brandon got me a good book for Christmas and I didn't feel like cooking because I wanted to read. And the lamb is still in the refrigerator.