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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Unfailingly polite

Sometimes I put ponytails in Kathleen's hair.  Kathleen loves ponytails.  She loves them so much that she will willingly have them put in her hair while she sobs loudly, sobs that are occasionally punctuated by yells and screams.  Who knows what the neighbors think.

Today while sobbing with tears and snot dripping down her face, another exclamation passed her lips.  'Thank you,' she sobbed, unprompted, in the middle of her ordeal and then went back to crying.


Laura said...

Why in the world does she cry so hard if she likes them so much? She sounds kind of crazy to me.

dixonfamily said...

What we do for beauty! What a sweet girl you have though, who can thank you even amidst pain, and pain from the person she is thanking. Wow! What a girl!