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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Who knew lollipops were so popular?

One of Archimedes' more famous quotes claims that if one could 'give me a lever long enough... I shall move the world.'  

Various unsuccessful attempts have been begun to try and potty train Kathleen, and all have been abandoned with hand-wringing and hair-pulling.  I was doomed to send Kathleen to kindergarten with a diaper in her lunch box.  

However, Archimedes was correct.  Given the correct lever and one can move anything - even a 2 year-old to want to potty-train.  And after much searching we found Kathleen's - a lollipop.  With a lollipop in her hand and instructions to leave it wrapped until she had performed, a more determined child has not been seen.  One and a half hours later, the lollipop was hers.

Four days and only two accidents later, Kathleen is still going strong and has eaten more lollipops than she has in her entire life up to this point.  If only we all were so easily motivated.

1 comment:

Janyece said...

Yea! There is nothing like getting your child potty trained! One down, who knows how many to go... (Maybe you do, but I don't!)