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Monday, January 19, 2009


Time Brandon got up this morning: 3:30
Time I got up this morning: 5:40
Time Kathleen joined me for my supposedly solitary breakfast and scripture study: 5:45
Time Kathleen was supposed to get up this morning: 6:30
Time I finally got through with fixing breakfast, feeding myself, Kathleen, and Sophia (twice), cleaning up breakfast, and getting the girls dressed: 6:45
Degrees outside this morning: 9
Minutes it took to put on my running tights, turtleneck, hat, gloves, two jackets, Kathleen's boots, sweater, two pairs of mittens, hat, coat, Sophia's coat, hat, mittens, bundle-me, blanket, and wrap Kathleen up in a blanket: 15
Minutes we walked up the hill before realizing the tire was flat: 8
Minutes we ran down the hill to go back home to fix it: 3
Minutes it took to figure out  how to pump up the tire with my new bike pump: 10
Number of swear words I would have liked to use: 15
Number I didn't use because I had my children with me: 15
Minutes we walked back up the hill before finding the tire flat again: 3
Minutes it took to haul everyone out of their gear again: 6
Total time spent on the ordeal: 45
Total time running this morning: 3
Times I'm going to try again this week: 3
Degrees it's going to be every morning this week: 9

Some days you wonder why you even try....


UnkaDave said...

Sorry about the flat tire thing. If I could help, I would. Ditto on the temperature...

If it makes you feel any better, we may have SNOW tonight. AAAAAGGHH! BLIZZARD!! BUY THE MILK AND BREAD!!!

Latter-Day Guy said...

15 swear words!? With no repeats? I'd have to use a couple of foreign languages to accomplish that. I'm very impressed. :)

PaulaJean said...

Oh dear! What an awful morning!

Mary Pugh said...

I am just super impressed with your ambitious schedule! Way to go! and Happy Happy Birthday yesterday! I hope you had a great day!