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Sunday, March 8, 2009


Yesterday, Brandon, Kathleen, Sophia, and I decided to go to Costco. As we are living in a new place, I looked up the location, entered the address on Google Earth, and very carefully scrutinized our route.  Not very difficult.  Down a road, turn right on another road, pass under a lot of big roads, and then we're there.  It shouldn't be hard to miss - it's right next to the Pentagon (yes, that's right - out here Very Important Buildings are shoulder-to-shoulder with food warehouses.  There just isn't much space).

Somewhere in there, we managed to make a wrong turn.  Because we ended up in the Pentagon parking lot.  Then the Jefferson memorial.  After that we passed the Treasury building, the Holocaust museum, and had to turn around at the Washington monument (no time for tours), and narrowly escaped being herded into Arlington cemetery before we made it to the mecca of bulk-food.

Last time I got lost on the way to Costco, I just ended up at Wal-Mart.


Lindsay Edward said...

So by now I don't have to tell you that D.C. roads are on crack. I had a friend who went to D.C. for the first time and got so turned around she ended up at the white house. She stopped the car, broke down in tears and refused to move until her friends came and got her. Silly non-grid, east coast roads.

Janyece said...

So funny! You weren't expecting to see everything on your way to Costco? Here I thought you were just taking the scenic route!

Lydia said...

Funny, I did't know there was a Costco that far in. There is a Costco way out by Springville and another air & space museum. I'll have to look that up when we're in D.C. this summer. Yep, we'll be there in April and then all of June and most of July. See you soon!

Latter-Day Guy said...

Don't feel too bad; with MY directional skills, I would have probably ended up driving into a secret meeting at Langley and so been extradited to a secret prison overseas and waterboarded until they discovered I actually knew nothing of value. Then they would have shot me.