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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why I Want to Live in A Third-World Country

On Monday, after dropping Brandon off at the Metro, I went grocery shopping.  I have gone grocery shopping many times, but this time was a first - I took both my daughters with me.  

Only having one car, my grocery trips were restricted to Brandon's days off when we lived in Utah.  However due to our location, I get the car now.  Which means if I leave the house, both of my adorable headaches get to come with me.  

So, off the Harris Teeter in the middle of an Eastern snow storm we went.  Everyone was happy for awhile.  After all, grocery stores are a lot of fun to little house-bound girls who don't even have a TV to add some variety to their lives.  Kathleen's favorite form of entertainment presently is to push around the wheeled office chair.

However, things began to unravel as they always do.  First Sophia lost a shoe (we found it).  Then Kathleen decided that talking was so two minutes ago, and screaming was a better way of expressing oneself.   Then a nice man decided to help us out at the check-out line which sent Sophia into fits.  Which then brought all of the employees over who had nothing better to do (what crazy lady ventures out in a snowstorm like this?  One who has no food in her house) to try and make Sophia happy.  Which of course made her worse not better because she's a baby.  

Finally after having checked out all of the food and paid while trying to ignore Sophia, we had some help out of the car.  In to the trunk went the food, and into the car went the balloons from the nice man.  And then I looked for the keys.  Not in my purse.  Were they in the trunk?  The car was locked.  Where would I get another set?  I didn't know anyone around here.  I couldn't walk home, and the door was locked anyway.  A locksmith maybe?  But what about the children?  And then I looked in my hand.  

Yesterday when Brandon was talking with the FLO lady, she leaned over and conspiratorially told him, 'Two small kids, eh?  Now what you want to do is move to a third-world country.  I always had a maid who could watch the kids when I went to the market.  All. By. Myself.'


UnkaDave said...

I'm glad to hear there were nice people that wanted to help. I hope that your UAB or UAE or UBS or whatever has shown up with the rest of your life.

Lydia said...

And that's the dream I've been livin' for the past 4 years, sista! I am VERY sad that that part of the dream is coming to an end in a short 5 weeks. Although, you do have the third world country to deal with. Give and take.

Josh n Amanda said...

HMMM, living in a third world country eh? Let me tell ya. It is not all it is cracked up to be. Yes, you can hire a full time nanny. But they are FULL TIME. They live with you. They eat with you. They sleep with you. And they don't know the word no. That means your kids get EVERYTHING they want. My maid (who only comes in once a week) gave Zach six chocolate at a time out of his Christmas advent calendar. There goes that fun idea. We were out of chocolates by about Dec. 3. Yes, the store by yourself sounds lovely. But, sometimes being home by yourself and not having a nanny constantly around is blissful too.