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Friday, July 31, 2009


For all of you who are wondering (and those of you who aren’t), we have made it to Cairo.  With the exception of two small children who decided that they didn’t like food anymore, and the subsequent frustration that it caused their parents, our trip went smoothly.  The planes took off on time – which is only what one would expect from a German airline – none of our luggage was lost, nothing was broken, and we didn’t even have to pay any overweight luggage fees.  I even managed to smile my way out of $250 for ‘extra bags’ also known as our car seats. 

Despite the new airport (I guessed correctly based on the lack of grime that is ubiquitous here), new houses, and newly paved roads, Cairo is the same Cairo that we left.  It’s hot, you can hear horns honking all hours of the night and day, and most importantly the mangoes are cheap, plentiful, and good.

We have begun to settle into our 4 bedroom, 3 full bath apartment with granite countertops and matching solid wood furniture that was clearly intended for someone more with more legitimacy and fewer smaller children than we have.  However, we will not become too settled as we will be leaving in a month or so to our real apartment (with even more space). 

So far, we are doing well and Kathleen is excited for her first trip to the pool.  For any who are hoping for outrageous stories on par with last time, give us some time until the nostalgia wears off and reality sets in.  It always does.


UnkaDave said...

First to comment! Thank you for the update! Playing the part of the worrier, I was starting to do so. I am glad you guys got there safely, and look forward to hearing further news!

PaulaJean said...

Ditto for me. I"m glad to hear you arrived save and sound and managed to smile your way out of 'extra bags!'

Lydia said...

Sooo, out of curiosity, where is it you are temporarily housed? From some Cairo sources, our previous apartment was being used for temp. quarters. Anyway, alhamdu'allah for A/C, huh? And Maadi House!

Laura said...

Yay! I'm glad that you made it in one piece and that your apartment is a third world penthouse. :)

Maybe I'll come visit it in January! (You know, after I fly internationally with you and three kids.)

Sherwoods said...

Yay for safe arrivals! I am glad you guys are okay and alive. I just wish you were here in Mexico with us! How cool would that be! I can't wait to start hearing the stories. I can only imagine. We have had our fair share here and we are semi-Americanized! Good luck!