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Thursday, June 3, 2010

And just imagine the fare

This afternoon while walking home from church, Kathleen asked (for the hundredth time) why other people have a car and we don't. I patiently explained to her that we don't need a car - the only places we ever go are Maadi House, church, and the library and all are within a 4-block radius. Wouldn't it be silly, I asked her, to take a car to the pool?

I assured her, however, that when we lived in our next house, we too would have the long-coveted car. She wanted to know where it would be, and I explained to her that we don't know yet because Daddy hasn't gotten the list to choose from and 'the people' haven't told him where we're going.

'Oh,' she reasoned, 'have they not finished building our next new house yet?' I tried to explain to her about housing assignments but petered out, ending lamely with the facts that 1. it would be new to us and 2. it would be in another country.

'But where will Daddy work?' she asked plaintively.
'At the embassy,' I replied reassuringly. 'Daddy will still have a job.'
Not reassured at all, she looked at me with a worried expression.
'But if Daddy still works at the Embassy here, how long will that taxi ride take?!?!'


PaulaJean said...

Oh, that Kathleen is a deep thinker!

UnkaDave said...

Fun, huh? She must have gotten the question thing from Brandon because YOU never asked ANY questions!
Thanks for the fun posts!

Latter-Day Guy said...

Oh it's not the length of the ride that's worrisome, it's trying to cross large bodies of water that you have to be concerned about.

Nancy said...

We rented a car in Israel last summer. When Rachel saw Andrew behind the wheel she burst out laughing.

"Daddy's driving?!" she asked incredulously.

Uh-huh...he is. I agree though, a car might be nice but it certainly isn't a necessity. At least here, anyway.