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Friday, June 18, 2010

Dear Cairo,

I knew what you were when I decided to come here. I spent a whole summer in your sweaty embrace, living mostly air-conditioning free. I walked your streets in the melting sun. I rode your Metro on days that I couldn't touch to pole from your broiling, burning heat. I experienced sweat from places I never knew had sweat glands.

However, I am tired of your relentless, pounding sunshine that heats my cold water up to 100+ degrees straight out of the tap. I don't like your burning rays that scorch my child's feet on the blistering pool deck. The rattle of incessant air-conditioning forever echoes through my apartment. My ceiling fan has been on for at least a month straight. Brandon's birthday chocolates were melted in the box. The days of cool mornings and pleasant afternoons are a distant memory.

Cairo, it's only mid-June. I have three more months of your endless heat. I don't know if we can stay friends much longer. I just want you to know.



Lydia said...

Aw, gee, you're gonna make me start sobbing! I'm dreading going back to the Middle East heat! Weather report for Manama --> Temp: 91F; Feels like: 113F. Oh brother.
Ask the CLO about a trip to Dreamland something-or-other. It's a water park out near 6th of October or somewhere. Fun place.

UnkaDave said...

Well, luckily the rest of it makes up for the heat; the friendly locals, always helpful, the convenient transportation, efficient infrastructure, you that kind of stuff.

PaulaJean said...

Just think about mango season. :-)

Nancy said...

Haha. Remember last "fall?" Miriam was born in 100+ weather at the end of October. 3 months?

You're being too optimistic.

We'll enjoy Utah summer for you. :)