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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And this is why I taught her to read

Late Thursday night I remembered that Kathleen was assigned a talk on Friday.

Our primary is small and run somewhat casually because nobody's quite sure what the situation will be until primary starts.  Someone is always gone, and sometimes it's the students, sometimes it's the teachers, and sometimes it's the leaders.  A few weeks ago the secretary/pianist and I (the chorister) were running the show.  Thankfully all three of the substitutes showed up to teach their classes, but for singing and sharing time it was us and one other teacher.

So despite primary being run in a low-stress atmosphere, I knew I couldn't simply have Kathleen get up and start giving everyone a stream-of-consciousness interpretation of the gospel.  It rarely works in sacrament meeting, and who knows what a four year-old will think up under pressure.

So Friday morning, Brandon graciously took charge of crafting a talk with Kathleen in the five minutes between preparing agendas for his meetings and going to his meetings.  He's been a missionary, so he knows how to get things done.

When it was time for her talk, Kathleen stood up with her paper and read

Many prophets testified that Jesus would come to save His people.

Moses said that Jesus would come to earth.

When the Israelites were bitten by snakes, Moses held up the Brazen Serpent.

This was a symbol of Jesus. Everyone who looked at the Brazen Serpent
got better and was healed.

Everyone who did not died.

This symbol reminds us of Jesus. Those who look to Jesus for salvation
will be saved through His Atonement. Those who do not will die

Moses was a type or symbol of Jesus. His life was an example of the Savior.

I am thankful for prophets who teach us about Jesus Christ.
Then she sat down.  And I got to sit and watch.


Sarah Flib said...

She can read all of that?? Holy smokes. Good work, Ashley!

PaulaJean said...

Three cheers for children who read! (And husbands who can write a short talk under pressure.)

UnkaDave said...

Wow! OK, what's the likelihood of my getting caught if I plagiarize that talk next time they ask me to speak? Hmmmm.....
Tell Kathleen I'm proud of her!

Laura said...

That's an impressive talk to read! (Although I think it might have gone over the heads of the Primary children. Except for the snakes and dying part. Little kids love the macabre.)

Nisa said...

Nice! Way to go, Kathleen!