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Friday, December 17, 2010

Edwin's first birthday

Last week, Edwin turned one year old.  Unlike the progression in most families, the first celebrations for our children have gotten increasingly elaborate.  Kathleen's first was celebrated with cupcakes baked by my mother and a one present, also from my parents.  We were at the beach, and so a song was sung while everyone packed up to go home.

She was so disturbed by the candle, she refused to eat her cake.

Sophia's birthday was celebrated as an add-on to Memorial Day at my relatives' house.  I actually made her cake this time, and she got a present from both her parents and grandparents.

She didn't get cake either because she was bundled off to bed before it was served.

Edwin's birthday didn't start out very exciting for him - the girls and I went to play group and made fun Christmas crafts while Edwin was left home with Rere.

After his nap, however, the day got better.  The girls were in timeout for hitting a friend at play group, so Edwin and I spent the afternoon together.  He discovered the joy of climbing into cupboards.

And then the pleasure of licking beaters.

After the miscreants were released, we had Chinese food for dinner.

We sung to him (albeit without a real candle),

he opened his present,

and he even ate his cake.  Which is a first for birthdays around here.


Ashlie said...

Happy Birthday to cute little Edwin!

PaulaJean said...

Cute picture of Edwin in the cupboard. And you ate in the dining room! Party at the Sherwoods!! Happy Birthday Edwin! I hope he forgives his grandparents for not sending a gift. We'll do better next year.

Nancy said...

I'm also a fan of the cupboard picture. :) Happy birthday to your little guy!