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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It's beginning to look a lot like... the rest of the year.

Last night we watched White Christmas with the girls.  When we got to the end and everyone was singing about how much they wanted their Christmas to be white while the snow was falling the background, Kathleen kept interrupting.

"Why is it snowing?!  Please explain to me."
"Why are they singing about their Christmases being white?"
"What does that mean?!  Please explain!"

This year is the first Christmas I have spent outside the US.  When we were here previously, we spent Thanksgiving in Cairo, but were able to return for most of the holiday season and enjoy all of the warm fuzziness of Christmastime.

Here, however, we live in a Muslim country and Christmas isn't celebrated much anyway.  We hardly ever get out, and haven't set foot in a mall the whole time we've been here and so wouldn't see even if there were a few stray Christmas decorations, somewhere.

But I think the biggest damper on the holiday mood is sunshine, 70+ degree days, and green trees.  Cairo has a wonderful climate in the winter time, never even approaching freezing with trees blooming all winter long.  In fact some tree or another is blooming all year long.  Along with the bougainvillea, and lantana, and jasmine.

A few days ago, I glanced out the window to see a scattering of yellow beneath a tree.  My unconscious mind saw yellow leaves for fall, until the yellow registered as golden blossoms, fallen from the tree above.

The problem with perpetual summer is... perpetual summer.  Nothing changes much except which trees are flowering; it's the only way I can remember what time of the year it is.

Maybe tomorrow I'll start playing Christmas songs and see if we can borrow a tree to decorate.  And then we can crank down the air conditioning, put on some sweaters, and drink hot chocolate.


PaulaJean said...

Sometimes I'd like to find out what the problem is with perpetual summer. I know there has to be a downside to never being cold!

Lydia said...

I ruined my kids last year. They never knew any different & now this year, Mairyn is lamenting about the lack of 6 feet of snow to play in. In Cairo, they didn't know any different. The one Christmas they had snow was spent at my Mom's & they just thought that's the way her place was, not associating it with Christmastime. Oh well.

Laura said...

And here I was complaining because I don't have any snow. Way to put things in perspective!

Maybe you need some flamingo Christmas lights. . .

Bridget said...

I totally agree with you about trying to remember which time of year it is. Perpetual summer indeed.