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Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm glad they're using all of that oil money for something useful

Everyone who lives overseas has a slightly different agenda.  Some go for cultural events.  Others love museums.  Brandon had a professor who scheduled his study abroad trips around where he could get the best food.  Another set seek out wild, remote places.

Me?  I go for parks.

Maybe in another life, one where my children are grown up, I'll start enjoying the other things too.  But for now, parks are a large factor in my enjoyment of a place.

So after being in Cairo where we spent every. single. Saturday. at Maadi House, I was thrilled to hear that they have parks here.  That aren't crowded with every single local who can possibly fit.  And don't have trash all over them.  And have playground equipment.

We have had our car for a few weeks, but haven't had the opportunity to go seek out these mythical parks until last weekend.  Brandon was gone with the Boy Scouts enjoying those wild remote places (notice that nobody under the age of twelve can join the Boy Scouts), so I decided to take the children somewhere new so that they could bleed off their energy playing instead of squabbling.

Going off half-cocked with a GPS like I usually do, we initially ended up in the wrong place.  It was lovely, but the children were not going to be bought off with a beautiful view and a walk when there was playground equipment to be had.

So back in the car everything went (where we were maybe parked in a not okay spot, but that's what those dip plates are for, right?), and we kept searching for the park.  Past the construction site and dockyard cranes, we found it.  And everyone had a great time.


UnkaDave said...

Great find! I see the bikes and trikes made it also, and that Kathleen and the bike have made their peace. Thanks for the posts!

PaulaJean said...

Nice to know the dip plates are useful for really important events. Nice pictures!