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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Living in Baku: General Conference

After waking up Sunday morning, I checked Facebook.  One of my cousins had posted a picture, in which she mentioned her husband's priesthood session tie.  "Oh!" I thought to myself, "that's right, it's Conference weekend, isn't it?  And priesthood session just ended.  Time to go start breakfast."

As a child, I was obviously not too excited about spending several hours on Saturday and Sunday listening to church leaders give me counsel that I felt didn't apply much to me.  When I finally grew up, I started to enjoy Conference weekend and actually look forward to it.  I enjoyed having an entire weekend set aside to forget my worldly concerns and listen to the wise and prophetic counsel on offer.  And it was a perfect excuse to invite family over for fabulous brunches.  Who doesn't love french toast, eggs benedict, asparagus, sausages, and bacon?

Then we moved to Cairo.  With the time difference, we were able to listen to the morning session at six in the evening.  With the weekend shift, we got to do it after Brandon got home from work.  But I was thankful that we got to watch Conference in real time, even if sometimes the internet connection made it a little jerky.

Now we have the regular weekend back (which I've decided that I prefer), but with an eleven-hour time difference, the morning session starts when Brandon and are getting ready for bed.

I'm sad to be missing out on the weekend-long spiritual feast.  And maybe the french toast, too.

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PaulaJean said...

I did not like conference when I was a kid, and we only got one hour on Sunday morning! Now I look forward to it, and am grateful for good broadband internet.

I was thinking of you and the time difference.