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Monday, April 30, 2012

Seven Years

Seven years ago today, Brandon and I got married in the Raleigh North Carolina Temple.

Seven years ago

It's been a busy seven years.  In the last seven years, we have:
 owned two cars
 bought one car
 had one graduation
 had three jobs (between the two of us)
 lived in overseas three times, in two countries
 flown ten trans-atlantic flights
 lived in ten different homes
 had one sibling get married
 sent seven family members on missions
 had one traffic ticket (mine)
 been to seven different countries
 had four children

And been in love every minute (of course I had to say that last part)

Eight months ago


Nisa said...

That is a lot! Happy anniversary!

PaulaJean said...

Happy anniversary! We are happy for you, and love those grandchildren. As well as you and Brandon.

Ashlie said...

Congrats and Happy Anniversary!