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Friday, April 12, 2013

20 Questions, Round Three

Well, this round's participation was a little... thin.  I'm guessing that we're so stunningly obvious about the places we go that the rest of you know already.  This round you're free to ask specific place names, but only one name per person per round.  Whoever gets the right answer first wins.

Is it a coastal country?

Does the name contain four or more consecutive consonants?
no, and I never want to live their either.  Ever.

This round ends April 12, midnight (or somewhere around there).  Good luck!


sarahflib said...

Ahhh! I'm so lame. I meant to come up with a question last time, but then I forgot to leave your blog up in a tab so I'd remember to get back to it when I had a question. Sorry and I will try not to make that mistake this time!

Bridget said...


(I didn't ask a question during round 2 because it was hard to think of a question that would differentiate effectively between the -stans.)

JLo said...


Anonymous said...


Laura said...

Could it possibly Tashkent?